Friday, 13 November 2009

Yes I am back . Well the past few weeks have been interesting. The most has been allowing a teenage computer geek to persuade me I need a new computer. Of course I believed him and £800 later I have the top of the range Acer. Now I believed you got a new computer and by a bit of hocking up cables all the info on the old one transferred to the new one Nah aint so. I am still finding things and still hunting for others also all the inbox, out box, folders for the last six years are somewhere but I cant find them. All I am told is Windows 7 doesn't allow transfer. Now come on Bill Gates you know doubt have a minion to help I don't so PLEASE sort out Windows 7 and let me have the files back.

Tomorrow the streets will be filled with screaming children,fed up parents, grannies on fold up chairs, yes Carnival is coming to town. Will I go and see it I do not know. For the last four years I have been the guest of the Chairman of North Somerset so have seen carnival at Weston in comfort and supper to boot this year we will see. As you see ones cleaning lady can be quite grand and the trouble one has in getting her back to the dusting is no ones business. I think it was the Hat!

Friday, 2 October 2009


I have been advised that the contents of this blog though light hearted may cause offence. I do not and never have wished to do that so it's Goodbye from me and Goodbye from him. Time will pass and one day when I am free to write what I like without causing any one to be offended I shall return. Alan

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Now as many of you know I surf the web . There are so many strange and wonderfull things out there I some times wonder how I get time to write this blog or get on with things but I do. the latest is now this puts a whole new slant on the stock market. Don't get eye strain watching.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I have found a new job, if only I can find a wrap a round pinny .

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Now I am not a prude. So having said that I was some what surprised to find this strange outfit at this years Glastonbury Harvest Show. large marrows, long strangely curved cucumber's, carrots of hue and growth one could only marvel at, courgettes like large bananas. but a bodice piece. It must have been fashioned for a model in this years London Fashion Show as it was a C cup top, well I deduced that as they were cabbage leaves.

This was the third show and this year it's starting to get that nice town feel. They asked me to judge a "A bottle to lift the spirits"!. Well I do have a slight bit of experience in that field. The best was a Hedgerow Port. I assume that it was made from hedgerow fruits, though a few glasses of it and I would be flat out under a hedgerow.

C suggested I made a loaf but I pointed out the floor of the Town Hall would have to be strengthen to take one of my loafs, even the sparrows have turned down my baked offerings. Ah well back to the kitchen.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Well we have returned from Cornwall. I am not saying it was cold but the picture of C. having lunch give you an idea of what the first part of the holiday was like. The Hotel was excellent and the view from our balcony when the sun finally came out was just like the south of France, not that I have ever been to the south of France but guess that's what it looks like. I did miss Jennet MacDonald singing beyond the blue horizon shines a brighter day, she may have found it we had to wait until the last few days.

Of course the tooth played up and the filling poped out and down the gullet , result tooth ache until I could get to see a local man. He refilled it but blow me that fell out so today it was head back and mouth open at my usual dentist. I do not know if you have ever had to have your head back and mouth open for 40 mins. let me tell you you get a real jaw ache and no fun.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

What is it with Thursday's. The kitchen always looks like a bomb has hit it , it's not quite the end of the week but it has the feel of the end of the week. I get up with lots to do and wow before I know it the day's gone and nothing much has happened. Oh yes the kitchen will still looks like a bomb has hit it.

The other puzzle is coat hangers ? mine breed , I swear they do one day there is a single free coat hanger the next they are fulling over them selves to get out of the wardrobe where do they all come from? i think there is a machine which overnight duplicates them and rather like the salt mill at the bottom of the sea it's unstoppable.

Packing to go away is another mystery in this house. C has lists all over the place. Me empty suitcase one hour later all done. I work on the principle we are only going to Cornwall not Timbuktu so if I have missed something at least there are shops nearby. unlike our trip to Tresco in February when due to some good advice I packed a load of drink on the advice it cost more there than Glastonbury result, £80.00 excess baggage, so I travel light now. my Father was once caught trying to go on holiday with all his gear in a carrier bag, he only made it passed the bedroom door before mother collared him and repacked everything.

Well the sun's out Finn and Shelagh are busy in the garden, The teeth have at last calmed down I am fed up with strange people putting strange objects down my throat so to speak. the two resident seagulls are trying to make Glastonbury sound like St. Ives but it wont work. I am off shopping it must be a good day.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Odds & sods

A request has appeared on Glastonbury's chat group "A elderly Gentleman to appear in a short You tube video POLE DANCING wearing just a Thong". I have the smile but thong alas no. Quite what this is all about I have no idea, the request was from a local estate agent, trade must be bad.

I had a baking session this am. I felt the apple pie and motherhood come over me, or was it the smell of ripe bananas , what ever they are now in a cake with a splash of Brandy, just I do assure you to keep it moist.

the weather has changed again, soon though the golden sands of Cornwall beckon and its lay back with a good book, large Vodka martinis and eat, sleep and be merry time.

Talking of books I seem to be hooked on Diaries, is it the nosy parker side of me coming out, anyway I did find they make a good read. C thinks its a sort of secret longing to lead that sort of life style, quite what he means I have no idea. The trouble is the books are piling up again and I hate to get rid of any.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Is this a new quantum theory

I have a problem. I do not know what the explanation is and alas I do not know any scientist who is prepared to take the matter up for me but there must be a answer. How far down the rear of a teenage boy can the jeans go before they slide off . They seem to be getting lower and lower and there has to be a point when they will not stay up any more. If you find saggers as I am told they are called erotic you will like me be interested in this answer. Do the manufactures make them in a particular way . I once wore a pair of jeans which were one size to big and had to resort to braces as they were in danger of falling down and they were not comfortable to wear.

Well the little Reggie has almost finished all the work I had for him. He has been first class and I am more than pleased with what he has done. I will miss him and the musical sounds which emanate from his metal filled mouth. I do understand that these braces are excellent in the result they produce and further more have a strange fascination from young females but I am glad I come from an age when they were considered to American for the likes of a south London street kid.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Interesting Weekend

Saturday the sun shone. the market in Wells was busy and after doing a big shop at Sainsbury's with the sister lunch. But in the evening my ears were assaulted by an Abba sound a like group with what also sounded like fake accents at the concert in the Abbey grounds. It was horrendous, but worse was to follow. Status Quo followed. Now I am not a dinosaur but Pop groups do have sell by date and this group has reached it as far as I am concerned. They have made their dosh then go away and enjoy it. Also I do not know why they were even there. Michael told the town yonks ago pop at Pilton Light and Classical music in the Abbey. Fine so why do we have an ageing pop group now. it was a sell out. Sunday again excellent weather just perfect. we have not seen old friends for that last four years whilst I have been in the chair at county so it was an evening of catching up on gossip, food, drink and music. Aled Jones compered and all his groupies were out in force. The music was not bad, pot boilers from the classics and of course Land of Hope at the end.

As the garden is almost at the top of the valley that points down to the stage we hear every thing so have no need to go to the Abbey. The highlight is of course the fireworks at the end which are excellent, first prize for them Michael. So to sum the weekend up 6/10. Now all I have to do is get the blxxdy teeth sorted out and all will be well.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Friends and Conservationist

Well what a difference a day makes. hey that's a good first line for a song, I must work on it. Yesterday Friday we had the annual Conservation and friends drinks and walk a round the garden party. The sun shone and the garden thanks to C. Shelagh and Finn looked fantastic.

The lines of another poem came to mind at one point.
Aloft in heavenly mansion WC1 lives an ageing playboy by the name of Darcy Honeybun.
A Ganymede pours the drink so plenty and Darcy behaves the way he did at twenty.
Well it was Glastonbury not WC1 and a garden not heavenly mansions, but I guess Alex could be described as a Ganymede.

The toothache has sort of gone but it's still there in the background, I do hope it goes and I don't have another spell of head back and drills in the mouth.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pain and Rain go away

Well I ended up at the dentist and it was a case of this tooth or this tooth so we decided on on of the two. Now I have to wait until the jungle juice wears off and see if we got it right, if not back tomorrow for another go. I am glad its a NHS dentist this could cost a fortune.

Well last night weather forecast warm sunny day. IT RAINED I am sure that some day the sun will shine.

Its open evening for the Conservation Society and friends tomorrow. I just hope its going to be fine.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It's been a real August day warm sun , the smell of fresh cut grass, Dicky birds singing, well magpies don't sing but the others chirp nicely. the only thing that's wrong is i have a toothache

I have had this little hottie working for me over the past two weeks building web sites. these kids are just so clever, one moment it's a blank screen the next there is a web site done. We have now , , now we have and all still being built but very good and all long over due.

I went to the community transport offices today at the showground. The evangelists New Wine summer camp is still on but Oh dear last nights rain has not helped, it will soon be a quagmire, rather them than me, they all seemed happy though.

The town still looks good and the baskets seem to get bigger every day , September 17th seems a long way off to wait for the results but I will have to be patient.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Garden Opens

The great day has ended. Posters were placed, signs went up ,Shelagh put up the plant stall, Finn turned up at the eleventh hour to do some last minute mowing, Nick turned up with luscious cakes Donna and Minow her lovely daughter to serve them. What is it that people just like a cup of tea and a piece of cake when they go and visit a garden. C. rushed around putting signs up in the garden, Tolly helped out and the sister turned up to take the money. I placed myself in the kitchen and made piles of smoked salmon sandwiches for lunch. Then at 2pm the gate opened and it was curtain up time. For us the sun shone but it seemed else where it rained so only 70 paying people turned up but with young people I suppose about 100 over all. Not good but then again the car parks were fall and no one could park in the town as the goddesses were still around at their gathering. Will we do it again next year? I don't know, if we do it will be for the NGS and the Yellow Book. Now August stretches forth and I do hope for sunny days.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Well it was a very wet day. we went to Wells as usual and got wet. I like Wells market on a Saturday the whole atmospher is great. There are lots of stalls and most stall holders know me by name which also makes a very plesant visit. i used to buy lots of books there but alas the stall holder martin can not get stock therse days.

Shopping with the sister. weekends have a set routine which is comfortable. Some would find it boaring but I like it.

later this evening the sun returned and lit up bushy Coombe so all looks good for sunday.

Friday, 31 July 2009


Friday night at the end of the Goddess gathering and the annual bonfire to celebrate IMBLOCK one of the old pagan days. It's great fun and they gather in the field at the bottom of the garden. There is a large bonfire which they dance around, then sing songs around, Very Glastonbury.

I like all this its good for the town and our shops. We are in the middle now of all the different groups who come here.

The garden is looking very clean and tidy. C, as I have said does not like it but the visitors will, I hope. Must raise lot's of dosh for the kids. Next week is Extravaganza in the Abbey with Status Quo on Saturday and the LPO and classics on Sunday. After four years in the chair and not seeing friends we have asked our close friends for supper, we can hear every thing very clearly from the garden and see the fireworks to. But we kick off next week end with the Conservation Society and friends drinks part on Friday night so lets hope for good weather.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Worked with a young Reggie today (every one in his family seems to be called Reggie) in setting up two web sites. the first one is for my charity the second one is to update I have to hand it to these little wonder kittens they just seem to go to it. I take ages working out how and where. The end results will soon be there for all to see.

Well its finial stages in getting the garden to look like something out of Wolverhampton Parks Dept. C hates it and wants it all rough and tumble. If you are going to visit us on Sunday remember PARK IN THE TOWN and get the free shuttle bus from the Town Hall car park.

Nick is doing the Teas and very good they are. I am hoping he has the chocolate cake, Shelagh has a plant stall, she has been potting for months. There are lots to see and if the sun shines I hope lots of dosh for the charity. Finn has cut the lawn nice and tight, C had the hebby jebbies that it was to short, but it greened up. Me I went down the garden and picked plumbs, they are called CZAR, for me and the sister to put down in Brandy for Christmas. There were loads there so left some for the birds, badgers and squirrels. I am a little old softy really.

I have been somewhat under the weather over the last few days, never eat rolls filled with a chicken mixture unless you make them yourself. I was not well going and returning from Plymouth and have been rough ever since. lost no weight though

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Goodbye Harry

Goodbye Harry those of us who knew you will wish you well on the journey you have now taken. The nightmares have gone and only the sweet sound of the Nightingale is heard.

Friday, 24 July 2009


Just back from the home of wonder kitten Tom Daley, that boy's achievements will add some £10M to the economy of that city, but fear not we have some Tom Daley's rising up through Team Somerset's 500 Club elite athletes. How can I make a statement like that , well when Hull was promoted to the Premier Football division, a leading London stock broker who specialises in forecasting made that statement and the media mention Plymouth every time they mention Tom Daley. Now you know why I want to win Gold in SW in Bloom it will add all of 3/6d to our economy but £1M to the feel good factor.

Why you ask was I there? well it was for the launch of the Blue Mile their new healthy get fit scheme. It was good and no expense seemed to be spared to ensure the 50 odd very unfit worthies were well looked after. There were some super fit bronzed types there and very good they looked to but well now I am a Snr citizen I look back and think if only. I do find it strange that all these sports set ups have their fair share of dare I say fatties like me.

Plymouth is very much a tottie town for both persuasion. well it has a Uni. so what more can you say. although the great unrequited love of my life is off to S'hampton, ah well there are holidays so I shall get my fill of lusting.

I tried to take a photo of the start of the Blue mile but made a pigs ear of it so you will have to put up with this one of me. I got caught out on a full moon again

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Well I promise you it was sheer luck but as the Judges from Mendip in Bloom arrived so did the sun. We walked round the town and visited the many courtyards which look fantastic. we also walked down Dygon Allie ( The Gauntlet ), I expected to see Mrs Weesley popping out of shop followed by Ron or Harry with Hermonie close behind. Glastonbury does look good and it's a testimony to every one young and old that the flowers are as good as they are.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Big freeze descended on County Hall. Freeze Freeze Freeze. I can only guess that the rhetoric is good but can the action be obtained.

PACT meeting tonight . Very good lots of sensible comments. People complain about Glastonbury but it has a very LOW crime rate. They should live in lets say Croydon. They might see things in a different light.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

We went a judging. Town one it rained. Town two it rained. Glastonbury it was dry. Town three it rained. now I don't control the weather it was just shere luck that Glastonbury was dry. I took Christine back to her home town and it rained but by the time I got back to Glastonbury it was dry for all of 30mins. then it rained. where does it all come from. Finn fed the lawn yesterday so the rain was welcome, but come on there is a limit. we saw lots of nice gardens, pubs, Town halls, ect. ect. now we have to await the other judges results and all will be reveled in September.

Well its the second full council of the new regime tomorrow. I am interested to see how we go.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Well the woman came to take pictures of the garden (open august 2nd 2-6pm) she had this bloody big camera I have one that cost £36.50 reduced price from Argos. She used a tripod. I hold mine. She used a clicker thing. I use my finger. Her pictures will look fantastic. Mine will look Crap. Ah well.
The weather cleared up long enough for Finn to cut the grass and Shelagh to do what ever it is she does, C also was busy in the garden, I holding a large scotch before lunch told them all how well they were all doing, then went in and read the newspaper.
Only two weeks before we open, I do enjoy it but it is such hard work. All that directing can be very tiring.
Off to judge gardens tomorrow (Tuesday) with my friend Christine we have done this before and its great fun.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I do like ceremony's It's the Queenie bit in me I think. yesterday I went to the Ceremonial Robing of my good friend at Chard Town Hall when she was invested with the trappings of office. Here in Glastonbury it's all part of the Town Council meeting. I think these things need a bit of pomp, there not much else in being made up. When I became chairman of the County Council it was a quick vote, sign the paper put the Chain round the neck and on to next business. people like pomp and ceremony.

There is a woman coming to day to take photos of the garden. well I hope the sun comes out. it's raining again at the moment (Sunday morning) I put the heating back on as C is feeling the cold and we even lit the fire the other day. July blazing sun where?

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Is nothing sacred these day's. Ok so I am a little wizzard on a skate board but to tell the whole world. (the part of being a wizard is in my dreams)

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Today the judges came from SW in Bloom. I saw them earlier in Wells with the Wells in Bloom crew all in their jumpers. It rained while they were in Wells but the sun came out by the time they arrived in Glastonbury. Well after the tour meeting lots of our crowd then a cup of tea, nice words, they went off and we now have until September in Yeovil to find out how we have done. Next week we get the Mendip in Bloom judges and I have the other towns to do, then our own competition. I took them to meet Andrew and Carol who made up all our baskets at Sweet Acre Nursery.
Tonight was Town Council they were quite kind for a change and I did not get beaten up by them. Glastonbury is a funny place to live and I have lived in other places but I really like it here.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday evening. I have at last finished the folder for the judges from SW in Bloom who arrive Tuesday afternoon. Each year I ponder on how to fill it and each year I fail, ah well its better than last year.

Whats with this weather, one moment its blazing sunshine the next it's stair rods. I hope we don't have weather like this on the 2nd of August. if you do come please remember there is NO parking at the house but a FREE shuttle bus from the Town Hall car park.

Monday awaits and a new week.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

It was one of those mornings when for some strange reason to go to the Mendip in Bloom meeting I started off by going vis the Tor instead of the main road . The view of dramatic clouds over the levels and Will Martin on the CD made it very special the other CD I play a lot at the moment is Josh Grofman ( might not be the way you spell it).

The meeting was good and after I went and had a look at the preparations for the Extreme Sports weekend at the B&W. the Relentless drinks arena is next to the office. Well if you are into lithe young men with saggy jeans or shorts , smooth tops well defined, it was entering the land of fantasy time. I say no more.

Back home to weeding and helping out in the garden. reality.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I have just had the results of our Team that went to Blackpool Four Gold, Four Silver and a Bronze fantastic.

Well it's stopped raining for a while but lets not knock the rain, the garden needed it , the lawn looks much better even if Finn had to mow it in three lots. The bed's in the town welcomed the watering as did the baskets so all in all not bad. we open the garden in just under four weeks time for Team Somerset 500 Club so hope for good weather . Nick is going to do the teas and Shelagh has been potting plants up for her stall.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunday the 5th. busy getting the garden up to scratch as we open for the 500 Club on August 2nd. Finn our young gardener has finished the grass so Shelagh will be pleased and I have weeded two beds, kept up with the watering all in all a good day. Tomorrow it's the first meeting of the new lot at county hall. We will be there to see how they get on

Friday, 3 July 2009

Busy morning. I joined SE and NP to see off to Blackpool part of a group of athletics who have a disability of some kind. This is the first year we have been able to send so many ( 16 ) I am very pleased that Team Somerset 500 Club was able to find the bulk of the money to get them there. later i went back to Millfield to present medals to the other disabled kids, real tear jerker time. People complain about Millfield and rich kids, it's the money those "rich kids" pay that enables Millfield to give over their facilities for others such as today's lot. So it's a big thank you Millfield.

Well it rained last night and the temp went higher. I am not complaining , trouble is we are not use to this.

The garden crew are getting busy, we open for the 500 Club at the begining of August and C is getting nervious but then again he always does when we open the garden.

The Town looks good and Nick is watering like fury to keep all the baskets alive.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

It seems hotter today. went to County Hall , every one likes the new hair style I tell them it's the Charles Bronsdon look. (who ever he is). We have been promised rain but I don't think it will get this far north of Somerset. ah well it back to the hose.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

This leads to the Abbots retreat a hot spot but with wonderful views
Its HOT and the garden may look nice but it's to hot, so I am here in the cool sending this
Hi this is the first page of my BLOG. WOW the boy has entered the world of blogging now we we really find out what goes on in the labyrinth corridors of Coombe House and County Hall.

With the hot weather still showing no signs of ending and with more time on my hands now I am no longer Chair of the council I have realised its time to get this blog up and running. It may be of interest, it may not. The grammar will be atrocious but alas I was never taught English at school as long as you could read write and 1+1=2 that was good enough.