Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Worked with a young Reggie today (every one in his family seems to be called Reggie) in setting up two web sites. the first one is for my charity http://www.teamsomerset500club.co.uk/ the second one is to update http://www.coombehouse.org/. I have to hand it to these little wonder kittens they just seem to go to it. I take ages working out how and where. The end results will soon be there for all to see.

Well its finial stages in getting the garden to look like something out of Wolverhampton Parks Dept. C hates it and wants it all rough and tumble. If you are going to visit us on Sunday remember PARK IN THE TOWN and get the free shuttle bus from the Town Hall car park.

Nick is doing the Teas and very good they are. I am hoping he has the chocolate cake, Shelagh has a plant stall, she has been potting for months. There are lots to see and if the sun shines I hope lots of dosh for the charity. Finn has cut the lawn nice and tight, C had the hebby jebbies that it was to short, but it greened up. Me I went down the garden and picked plumbs, they are called CZAR, for me and the sister to put down in Brandy for Christmas. There were loads there so left some for the birds, badgers and squirrels. I am a little old softy really.

I have been somewhat under the weather over the last few days, never eat rolls filled with a chicken mixture unless you make them yourself. I was not well going and returning from Plymouth and have been rough ever since. lost no weight though

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