Thursday, 27 August 2009

What is it with Thursday's. The kitchen always looks like a bomb has hit it , it's not quite the end of the week but it has the feel of the end of the week. I get up with lots to do and wow before I know it the day's gone and nothing much has happened. Oh yes the kitchen will still looks like a bomb has hit it.

The other puzzle is coat hangers ? mine breed , I swear they do one day there is a single free coat hanger the next they are fulling over them selves to get out of the wardrobe where do they all come from? i think there is a machine which overnight duplicates them and rather like the salt mill at the bottom of the sea it's unstoppable.

Packing to go away is another mystery in this house. C has lists all over the place. Me empty suitcase one hour later all done. I work on the principle we are only going to Cornwall not Timbuktu so if I have missed something at least there are shops nearby. unlike our trip to Tresco in February when due to some good advice I packed a load of drink on the advice it cost more there than Glastonbury result, £80.00 excess baggage, so I travel light now. my Father was once caught trying to go on holiday with all his gear in a carrier bag, he only made it passed the bedroom door before mother collared him and repacked everything.

Well the sun's out Finn and Shelagh are busy in the garden, The teeth have at last calmed down I am fed up with strange people putting strange objects down my throat so to speak. the two resident seagulls are trying to make Glastonbury sound like St. Ives but it wont work. I am off shopping it must be a good day.

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