Monday, 10 August 2009

Interesting Weekend

Saturday the sun shone. the market in Wells was busy and after doing a big shop at Sainsbury's with the sister lunch. But in the evening my ears were assaulted by an Abba sound a like group with what also sounded like fake accents at the concert in the Abbey grounds. It was horrendous, but worse was to follow. Status Quo followed. Now I am not a dinosaur but Pop groups do have sell by date and this group has reached it as far as I am concerned. They have made their dosh then go away and enjoy it. Also I do not know why they were even there. Michael told the town yonks ago pop at Pilton Light and Classical music in the Abbey. Fine so why do we have an ageing pop group now. it was a sell out. Sunday again excellent weather just perfect. we have not seen old friends for that last four years whilst I have been in the chair at county so it was an evening of catching up on gossip, food, drink and music. Aled Jones compered and all his groupies were out in force. The music was not bad, pot boilers from the classics and of course Land of Hope at the end.

As the garden is almost at the top of the valley that points down to the stage we hear every thing so have no need to go to the Abbey. The highlight is of course the fireworks at the end which are excellent, first prize for them Michael. So to sum the weekend up 6/10. Now all I have to do is get the blxxdy teeth sorted out and all will be well.

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