Saturday, 8 August 2009

Friends and Conservationist

Well what a difference a day makes. hey that's a good first line for a song, I must work on it. Yesterday Friday we had the annual Conservation and friends drinks and walk a round the garden party. The sun shone and the garden thanks to C. Shelagh and Finn looked fantastic.

The lines of another poem came to mind at one point.
Aloft in heavenly mansion WC1 lives an ageing playboy by the name of Darcy Honeybun.
A Ganymede pours the drink so plenty and Darcy behaves the way he did at twenty.
Well it was Glastonbury not WC1 and a garden not heavenly mansions, but I guess Alex could be described as a Ganymede.

The toothache has sort of gone but it's still there in the background, I do hope it goes and I don't have another spell of head back and drills in the mouth.

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