Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Odds & sods

A request has appeared on Glastonbury's chat group "A elderly Gentleman to appear in a short You tube video POLE DANCING wearing just a Thong". I have the smile but thong alas no. Quite what this is all about I have no idea, the request was from a local estate agent, trade must be bad.

I had a baking session this am. I felt the apple pie and motherhood come over me, or was it the smell of ripe bananas , what ever they are now in a cake with a splash of Brandy, just I do assure you to keep it moist.

the weather has changed again, soon though the golden sands of Cornwall beckon and its lay back with a good book, large Vodka martinis and eat, sleep and be merry time.

Talking of books I seem to be hooked on Diaries, is it the nosy parker side of me coming out, anyway I did find they make a good read. C thinks its a sort of secret longing to lead that sort of life style, quite what he means I have no idea. The trouble is the books are piling up again and I hate to get rid of any.

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