Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It's been a real August day warm sun , the smell of fresh cut grass, Dicky birds singing, well magpies don't sing but the others chirp nicely. the only thing that's wrong is i have a toothache

I have had this little hottie working for me over the past two weeks building web sites. these kids are just so clever, one moment it's a blank screen the next there is a web site done. We have now , , now we have and all still being built but very good and all long over due.

I went to the community transport offices today at the showground. The evangelists New Wine summer camp is still on but Oh dear last nights rain has not helped, it will soon be a quagmire, rather them than me, they all seemed happy though.

The town still looks good and the baskets seem to get bigger every day , September 17th seems a long way off to wait for the results but I will have to be patient.

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