Friday, 13 November 2009

Yes I am back . Well the past few weeks have been interesting. The most has been allowing a teenage computer geek to persuade me I need a new computer. Of course I believed him and £800 later I have the top of the range Acer. Now I believed you got a new computer and by a bit of hocking up cables all the info on the old one transferred to the new one Nah aint so. I am still finding things and still hunting for others also all the inbox, out box, folders for the last six years are somewhere but I cant find them. All I am told is Windows 7 doesn't allow transfer. Now come on Bill Gates you know doubt have a minion to help I don't so PLEASE sort out Windows 7 and let me have the files back.

Tomorrow the streets will be filled with screaming children,fed up parents, grannies on fold up chairs, yes Carnival is coming to town. Will I go and see it I do not know. For the last four years I have been the guest of the Chairman of North Somerset so have seen carnival at Weston in comfort and supper to boot this year we will see. As you see ones cleaning lady can be quite grand and the trouble one has in getting her back to the dusting is no ones business. I think it was the Hat!