Friday, 3 July 2009

Busy morning. I joined SE and NP to see off to Blackpool part of a group of athletics who have a disability of some kind. This is the first year we have been able to send so many ( 16 ) I am very pleased that Team Somerset 500 Club was able to find the bulk of the money to get them there. later i went back to Millfield to present medals to the other disabled kids, real tear jerker time. People complain about Millfield and rich kids, it's the money those "rich kids" pay that enables Millfield to give over their facilities for others such as today's lot. So it's a big thank you Millfield.

Well it rained last night and the temp went higher. I am not complaining , trouble is we are not use to this.

The garden crew are getting busy, we open for the 500 Club at the begining of August and C is getting nervious but then again he always does when we open the garden.

The Town looks good and Nick is watering like fury to keep all the baskets alive.

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