Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Well we have returned from Cornwall. I am not saying it was cold but the picture of C. having lunch give you an idea of what the first part of the holiday was like. The Hotel was excellent and the view from our balcony when the sun finally came out was just like the south of France, not that I have ever been to the south of France but guess that's what it looks like. I did miss Jennet MacDonald singing beyond the blue horizon shines a brighter day, she may have found it we had to wait until the last few days.

Of course the tooth played up and the filling poped out and down the gullet , result tooth ache until I could get to see a local man. He refilled it but blow me that fell out so today it was head back and mouth open at my usual dentist. I do not know if you have ever had to have your head back and mouth open for 40 mins. let me tell you you get a real jaw ache and no fun.

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