Friday, 24 July 2009


Just back from the home of wonder kitten Tom Daley, that boy's achievements will add some £10M to the economy of that city, but fear not we have some Tom Daley's rising up through Team Somerset's 500 Club elite athletes. How can I make a statement like that , well when Hull was promoted to the Premier Football division, a leading London stock broker who specialises in forecasting made that statement and the media mention Plymouth every time they mention Tom Daley. Now you know why I want to win Gold in SW in Bloom it will add all of 3/6d to our economy but £1M to the feel good factor.

Why you ask was I there? well it was for the launch of the Blue Mile their new healthy get fit scheme. It was good and no expense seemed to be spared to ensure the 50 odd very unfit worthies were well looked after. There were some super fit bronzed types there and very good they looked to but well now I am a Snr citizen I look back and think if only. I do find it strange that all these sports set ups have their fair share of dare I say fatties like me.

Plymouth is very much a tottie town for both persuasion. well it has a Uni. so what more can you say. although the great unrequited love of my life is off to S'hampton, ah well there are holidays so I shall get my fill of lusting.

I tried to take a photo of the start of the Blue mile but made a pigs ear of it so you will have to put up with this one of me. I got caught out on a full moon again

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