Monday, 20 July 2009

Well the woman came to take pictures of the garden (open august 2nd 2-6pm) she had this bloody big camera I have one that cost £36.50 reduced price from Argos. She used a tripod. I hold mine. She used a clicker thing. I use my finger. Her pictures will look fantastic. Mine will look Crap. Ah well.
The weather cleared up long enough for Finn to cut the grass and Shelagh to do what ever it is she does, C also was busy in the garden, I holding a large scotch before lunch told them all how well they were all doing, then went in and read the newspaper.
Only two weeks before we open, I do enjoy it but it is such hard work. All that directing can be very tiring.
Off to judge gardens tomorrow (Tuesday) with my friend Christine we have done this before and its great fun.

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