Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Today the judges came from SW in Bloom. I saw them earlier in Wells with the Wells in Bloom crew all in their jumpers. It rained while they were in Wells but the sun came out by the time they arrived in Glastonbury. Well after the tour meeting lots of our crowd then a cup of tea, nice words, they went off and we now have until September in Yeovil to find out how we have done. Next week we get the Mendip in Bloom judges and I have the other towns to do, then our own competition. I took them to meet Andrew and Carol who made up all our baskets at Sweet Acre Nursery.
Tonight was Town Council they were quite kind for a change and I did not get beaten up by them. Glastonbury is a funny place to live and I have lived in other places but I really like it here.

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