Saturday, 19 September 2009


Now I am not a prude. So having said that I was some what surprised to find this strange outfit at this years Glastonbury Harvest Show. large marrows, long strangely curved cucumber's, carrots of hue and growth one could only marvel at, courgettes like large bananas. but a bodice piece. It must have been fashioned for a model in this years London Fashion Show as it was a C cup top, well I deduced that as they were cabbage leaves.

This was the third show and this year it's starting to get that nice town feel. They asked me to judge a "A bottle to lift the spirits"!. Well I do have a slight bit of experience in that field. The best was a Hedgerow Port. I assume that it was made from hedgerow fruits, though a few glasses of it and I would be flat out under a hedgerow.

C suggested I made a loaf but I pointed out the floor of the Town Hall would have to be strengthen to take one of my loafs, even the sparrows have turned down my baked offerings. Ah well back to the kitchen.

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