Thursday, 13 August 2009

Is this a new quantum theory

I have a problem. I do not know what the explanation is and alas I do not know any scientist who is prepared to take the matter up for me but there must be a answer. How far down the rear of a teenage boy can the jeans go before they slide off . They seem to be getting lower and lower and there has to be a point when they will not stay up any more. If you find saggers as I am told they are called erotic you will like me be interested in this answer. Do the manufactures make them in a particular way . I once wore a pair of jeans which were one size to big and had to resort to braces as they were in danger of falling down and they were not comfortable to wear.

Well the little Reggie has almost finished all the work I had for him. He has been first class and I am more than pleased with what he has done. I will miss him and the musical sounds which emanate from his metal filled mouth. I do understand that these braces are excellent in the result they produce and further more have a strange fascination from young females but I am glad I come from an age when they were considered to American for the likes of a south London street kid.

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